THE TAO IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE BUT IN WHAT YOU SEE This book was written in reponse to the insistence of students who attended my courses and all those people who at conferences expressed the desire to know more about the ZU method of Foot Reflexology. At the beginning of my journey on the path of Foot Reflexology my enthusiasm was so great that I touched the feet of everyone I knew, to the point of removing their shoes personally if they showed reluctance to do so themselves. I saw nothing else but feet. Time passed and one day I noticed that the way I was treating feet was no longer the same. I was no longer simply massaging feet; I was massaging the feet of people. More time passed and reflecting again on the progress made I realized that there had been a shift in my attention, that my work seemed different; now I was massaging people through their feet. The TAO is continual evolution and today my work has brought me to massage people’s souls through their feet. This book is the account of the beginning of my work.